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London has some of the right musicals, so keep reading if you want some ideas on what to watch.

London has many musicals at a number of the best locations, and this short manual will show you how to make the most of it. London’s West End is world known for its shows and visual arts, so if you’re a follower of musicals then this is where you should go on your days off. There is a huge variation in the sorts of shows you can get seats for, a few are more premium than others, but you will invariably discover something that is right for you. Even though the West End is the heart of British performing arts, there are other places around London and all over the UK for one to see your favourite shows so don’t fret if you can’t make it to London’s West End. London has developed a few of the very best performances and by the greatest producers, such as Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, therefore you will not be disappointed by the home-grown talent around London.

There is a long history of performing arts, from the obvious Shakespearian favourites to the modern and current pieces such as the work by Jeffrey Seller, who produced one of the most admired contemporary musicals of nowadays, it is a great contemporary take on historical events. This culture of performing arts has been ingrained into London and wherever you are in the West End, you won’t be a long distance from a show. Some shows need to be booked well in advance, but some are capable of being purchased on the day, or even at the door to the event. It is suggested that you book beforehand for shows you really want to view, as you do not want to be let down. There are numerous elements of performing arts, so you may want to investigate a production to be sure it is the kind of show you are looking for. Although, you should try new ones that you have not watched as they may impress you.

A great show that is available in London right now is based upon on amongst the most popular films of 2000 which involves ballet and societal matters of the time. The show, which has been produced by Sally Greene, is a fantastic adaptation of the original film, therefore if you liked the film you will love the musical. The performance artists in both productions are spectacular and seeing one will make you want to view the other, however seeing something live has that extra special experience. Typically, musicals will have different kinds of performing arts; with acting, singing and dancing there is something for everyone in a musical. Some people may be slightly tentative to go to a performance, but after their very first visit, they will fall in love with the splendour of it all. It is a great weekend event, as you can combine it with a meal, drinks and hotel if you truly want to make the the majority of the outing, or if you’re from out of town.

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